July 12, 2017


Must have Décor Books – Part1

This week, we thought we’d take you to an inspiring collection of books that will serve as trusted resources for interiors and décor.  We are sure you will love this intriguing assortment of books as we bring you another series of the post soon. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of your favourite book and get started.  View full article →
June 01, 2017


How to Get Best Vase Shape for Your Flowers

We tell you which flowers to display in different kinds of vases and how to get the best out of your bunches.Follow these tips to get the right vase for certain flowers, as well as to prepare your blooms for a beautiful display.

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May 30, 2017


How to Clean Your Flower Vase?

A flower vase requires frequent cleaning. When we place flowers inside a vase and add water, the stems and leaves under the water start to decay. This water will have a foul smell and unsightly colour because it is filled with bacteria. Before using the vase again it needs to be disinfected by thoroughly rinsing it. Without cleaning properly if you keep fresh flowers the longevity of the next bouquet placed in the vase will be affected. View full article →
May 29, 2017


Modern Flower Vase Designs

The easiest way to bring warmth to any room is by adding a modern flower vase. An added advantage is that they look good all by themselves. Flowers will add more beauty to the vase. Another highlight is that most modern vases are designed in such a way that even with a single flower you can accentuate its beauty unlike a traditional vase which may require a bunch of flowers and ferns to decorate it. View full article →
May 25, 2017


Bamboo - The Best Organic Home Decor Idea

When you look at Asian interiors you will find a lot of home decorating ideas using bamboo. The use of bamboo can be traced back to 5000 years. It was first used by the Chinese to make a whole lot of eco-friendly products. View full article →
May 23, 2017


Fashion with Cow Horn

Fashion takes its cue from tradition and legacy. And cow horn fashion accessories have been a favourite since time immemorial. Over the years they have become more refined and their popularity among the fashion-conscious tribe soared. View full article →
May 09, 2017


Creative Water Fountains from Around the World

The beauty of the fountains you can see in public places around the world amazes all of us. They are built as a tourist attraction and are creative wonders. We walk you through some of the most famous and breathtakingly beautiful fountains from around the world. After reading about them you would certainly wish to see them one day.

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April 22, 2017


Looking for Decorative Products in Pondicherry? Then Greymode is for You

A visit to Pondicherry is not complete without some great shopping. It is, indeed, a haven for shopaholics. If you are looking for uniquely crafted home decoration products Greymode is the place to shop. View full article →
April 21, 2017


How Fountains & Urulis Help You Feel Better this Summer

Summer can take a toll on you. It is just not possible to work the air conditioners all day because of the high electricity bills. But the good news is there are ways to keep your house cool, naturally. Bring home water fountains and urulis to help you feel better this summer. These home or office decor items will bring in a positive vibe to your surroundings.

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April 19, 2017


How to Take Care for Plants this Summer

It is not just us humans who face the side effects of heat and dehydration because of the rising temperatures during the summer. Plants also bear the brunt of the scorching sun. But you can make summer the best season for your plants with proper care and by taking some precautions.

During winter the growth of plants is almost stunted. Summer is the time for regeneration and growth for plants.

To help your plants make the best of this growing season follow these easy tips.

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